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  • "I received this box of wonderfully comforting things as I’m battling ovarian cancer. There are so many amazing things in this box that helped put a smile on my face. Susan’s boxes are exactly what somebody like myself needs as a pick me up, as I go through a very difficult time. I was forever grateful to receive such a sweet surprise in the mail. My favorite piece is the bracelet that is engraved with 'be brave and courageous.' Thank you again Susan for putting a smile on my face." - Stephanie M

  • "I wanted to thank Susan for sending me the Hanging on Hope gift box when I got home from the hospital after my second surgery for brain cancer. It was really uplifting to receive something from someone I don’t even know. There’s so much kindness and love out in the world. It really costs nothing to do something good for someone else. Thank you again, sincerely." - Mary D.

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  • Hope is a tangible thing. When it surges through you, the feeling is as real as the world around you. You smile more. You laugh more. It puts a skip in your step. Your load is lighter. You are able to enjoy the moment.

    Yet sometimes hope is hard to find. I’ve been there in my fight against cancer, maybe you have too...felt the pain and anger, cried the tears. I’ve struggled and cajoled and pleaded with God. But when I focused on the one solid thing I know to be true - that my hope is in Christ - all that ugly faded away. And I want to share that anchor of hope with you.

    My family has been touched by cancer. This is why we do what we do. We hope our little shop spreads big hope to the people who need it most!